Crónicas de Torsos Huérfanos

Crónicas de Torsos Huérfanos
Haga CLIC en la arena y verá online "Amor a toda Costa: CRONICAS DE TORSOS HUERFANOS" (lea lo escrito en la arena, antes que el agua lo borre de la orilla, como a su autor)



Dear Friend ,

Thanks for responding to my proposal. My name is Dr. Owen George, from
Republic of Ghana.I contacted you in good faith to work with you with
utmost sincerity and transparency.All I need from you is co-operation and

I contacted you because you have the same surname with one of our late
customers who Deposited a total sum of ( $5.5 Million U.S Dollars ) in
United Bank for Africa (UBA). Our client was involve in an air cash that
claimed his life and his family. My Head Office has issued a letter for me
to locate his relative who will stand as next of kin to claim the said
funds. In accordance to the letter I started searching for his relative
but to no avail. All search efforts proved abortive.

I therefore contact you to stand as my client relative since two of you
are bearing the same surname to claim the inheritance. I am compelled to
do this because I would not want my Head Office to push this funds into
the bank treasury as unclaimed inheritance. I will furnish you with all
the necessary documents related to this transaction if you agree to work
with me,

Please note that this transaction is 100% RISK FREE.

I am waiting for your approval so that we can commence arrangements.

Send to me the following information if you are interested to concluding
this transaction with me.

Your Full Name:...................................
Contact Address...................................
Telephone Number..............................

As soon as I receive the above mentioned I will submit it to the Bank your
details as the Next of Kin through our legal representative in the bank. I
look forward hearing from you soonest.We are arranging this project with
the top director of the bank so there is nothing to fear about.

Thank You.

Dr. Owen George

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